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A look at Modern Boho Style

Updated: May 8, 2023

I've been working in the World of Interior Design now for over 10 years. And like most experienced Designers, "I wish I knew then what I know now". I know people say that all the time, but it's so true.

Let's talk about Modern Bohemian (Boho) Style...

(Our Living room in VA)

This is room has more of a Vintage Modern Boho or Global vibe...

(A Home Office we designed in Vienna, VA)

As an Interior Designer, I feel it's my duty to always try and figure out, what elements makes a "Style" a certain style.

So, here are my thoughts for you Interior Design enthusiasts - we'll discuss the elements needed to create a "Modern Bohemian" Space.

Funny that you could have found this very similar style years ago in the 1970's. This style could be seen all over the World, then the style was called the "Hippie" look. Which ironically is also coming back too!

Check out the article from My Domaine -

This Modern Boho style blends lots of neutral colors and is subtle. It's use of macrame and woven products such as wicker, rattan and jute are often strongly featured in the room.

The Bohemian style however shows off a blend of patterns and terrazzo and earthy tones. Both styles accent clean lines and live plants , inviting soft furniture and relaxing pieces.

It's easy to see why the Bohemian style, whether it's the Modern version or the Natural version of the Bold color style easily liked by many!

The main focus in my opinion is that it evokes and overall Mood - to be inviting and relaxing!

(A closer look inside the Home Office in Vienna, VA)

Here you can see the live edge table is next to a pair of woven baskets, then we added in the live plant. The very bold statement in the window treatment works well with the geometrical patterned rug and the batten board wall in the bright yellow paint color.

Here's my suggested list of essential items needed to create a Modern Boho space:

  • Earth-tones, bright colors blended with neutral colors are important

  • Add natural textures: jute, sisal, hemp and/or rattan in any form

  • Live indoor plants are a must

  • Handmade products using macrame, woven yarns, wooden pieces or even ceramics help to balance the space

  • Modern Bohemian typically has either real leather or vegan leather pieces

  • Clean lines and low seating is typical

  • Wood species such as teak, walnut and oak are often used

  • Add in a hint of a Black accent will help balance the other colors in the room

  • Dried flowers such as pampas grass is another way to add in texture or the Tribal hats hanging on the wall

  • Adding in a velvet element brings in the modern vibe

(A snapshot of products we sell in our Shoppe - check out the pampas grass in the vases)

(A snapshot of an apartment we designed in Chantilly, VA)

I would not consider this space (see pic above) to be Modern Boho, it is Modern - see if you can figure out why it's not Boho.

I posted this on my IG page but there are so many more elements that wouldn't fit on the page - Lol

If you happen to live in the Washington DC area - we call it the DMV (DC, MD and VA) then you should check out a great local plant company called Rewild, their (IG: REWILDDC). We came accross their shop about 3 or 4 years ago in DC on 9th street. We just happended to be working on one of our commericial projects called Urge 4 Beauty (IG: URGE4BEAUTY), a fun Beauty Salon owned by one of my favorite people Rudina.

Any who, her salon is right across the street from Rewild.

Links from RewildDC:


So, since we love featuring local businesses, we decided to include them in our posting.

The other business is a cute company on etsy called; CBohoDesign, they have wonderful handmade pieces of artwork that will give you that Boho vibe!

(For instance, the black accents in our Living Room helps to balance out all the neutral tones.)

(Consider adding in some patterned modern pillows to help bring a modern mood to the room.)

(Here's a few other modern accessories you can try , velvet, leather or faux leather.)

A few more items to complete your Modern boho room...

Links for products above:






Whether you happened to be a Student of Interior Design or you just love learning more about design and more about different styles, I hope this blog post helps you to at least understand some of the elements of the Modern Bohemian Style!


Mimi Fall

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