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Along for the ride...

Updated: May 8, 2023

Well, it's almost Spring - the time where everyone starts to think about updating their home...

Winter has done it's thing, the crocus and daffodils are starting to come up from the earth, the animals are awakening from their sleep and daylight savings (strange name) is almost here! Hooray...

Actually, it even starts to smells like change is coming - awww! Honestly, I can't wait.

Homeowners are anxious to get things going, clean out garages, plant flowers and of course RENOVATE!

But wait, I want to give you just a word of caution if you're planning to conquer your BIG dreams for Spring home renovations!

Listen to my story:

We started this bathroom renovation project (pic below) along with Greg at Mosaic Tile,

to create a beautiful double shower experience, with handheld devices and a rain shower head - it was going to be a modern update for this 20 year old bathroom. We were going to give the homeowners their own shower space. Yep, they were going to get separate areas within this large shower space!

We even planned to give them separate shower niches for shampoo and soap, etc...

Yes folks - A Modern, updated and fabulous new space!!!

But, unfortunately, it didn't quite turn out that way.

To be clear, it did turn out to be a beautiful, modern, relaxing space, a space for our busy clients to unwind. But, we had to abandon the whole goal to "you get your side in the shower and I'll get mines" - honestly, who doesn't dream of that! Lol

And if you've never been involved in a Home renovation project, I'm hear to tell you to "be prepared for the ride". And it is just that - a Ride!!

Truthfully, it can be an ever evolving process that often takes more time and more money that you thought it would.

So, here's how it started - we opened up the rear wall and found the main HVAC duct was running through the wall from floor to ceiling - ugh!

Oh my gosh...right in the location where we were going to have an open shower concept.

You can imagine the horror we all felt initially, but in this profession you have to learn how to "be prepared and be ready to pivot".

One of our requirements, at Thereron Design Studio is for all of our clients to hold a 10-15% contingency in reserve, especially for Kitchens or Bathroom renovation projects.


If the home is older than 20 years, it may be a good idea to hold even up to a 20% contingency for any "unforeseen conditions". They hold the money aside until the project has been completed, and only if needed use it to pay for the unforeseen costs.

It gives everyone involved, the clients, the contractor and us, a sense of security to know the money is there, even if we never need it.

We hate change orders just as much as our clients do!

Next, we had to revise the plan...we decided to change the layout to a smaller shower, but still increasing the overall shower area, added in a laundry chute and a new vanity area with some additional storage that wasn't in our original plans.

Which worked out nicely!

At the end of the day, the clients were happy and if they're happy, we're ecstatic!!!

They were along for the ride. They were prepared, knowing that things could happen and even though they did - being prepared made the process a lot less painful!

So...don't be afraid of the unknown, stuff happens!

"Just be prepared; plan for the worst and hope for the best".

At the end of the day, you'll be glad that your 20 year old bathroom has been updated that you don't really even remember the process as you lounge in your new freestanding tub (or stand up in your new luxury shower) and enjoy your new Modern Bathroom for another 20 years!

Thanks for reading...and if you need help with your 20 year old bathroom fill out the form on our Contact page. We'll be in touch with you soon!



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