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Do you, anyway you want...

There was a time in the World of Interior Design when you needed the two chairs in the room to match, the pillows were careful coordinated with the drapery panels and the fluted faux potted plant was a pair of well groomed topiaries.

Well, that's not the norm any more...we're (Interior Designers) giving you anything you want!!!

Giving you the "right Mood" is what we do.

In today's World of Interiors, we're blending all kinds of elements to get you that BOLD interiors vibe...

If you're doing green, we got you! Let's layer in some yellow and pink colors for a really BOLD statement!

And if you're not digging the Bold colors, let's get started with the neutral vibes. Earthy tones with terracotta and dark rich brown hues might be more of your vibe...

Maybe a BOLD Modern vibe with rich wood tones, and a brass table lamp or a new chalkboard paint piece of artwork brings you joy...a boucle ball pillow? We got you!

If you're ready to get started, give us a call! We'll change your room a create the right Mood just for you.


Mimi Fall, Head Designer at Thereron Interiors Design Studio

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