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Don't sleep on color...

I know there's been an overwhelming amount of neutral in the market lately...I'm here for it! But don't sleep on color. It's Winter so I understand you may not appreciate vibrant colors right now, or maybe you're just in a place where textures are "King or Queen" in your space.

But, vibrant colors are a part of our daily World, it's in a beautiful orange colored sunset, it's in a simple label on a bottle of water or a new bag of chips - colors are often a call to action.

They signal a feeling in our brains, and if you let them, colors will evoke emotions that may have been lying beneath the surface of sadness, depression and despair.

So, I'm encouraging you to not sleep on color, pull out a great colored pillow or blanket, add a fresh bouquet of flowers to your vase, find colors that make you happy and add them to your room - Winter won't last forever!

"Find inspiration, wherever inspiration finds you"...

Mimi Fall, Head Designer @ TIC

Check out some dope One-of-a-Kind artwork sold at our Shoppe in Oakton, VA - find your own way to inject color into your space - you may actually love it!

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