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Fall Stuff we're lovin'...Take One & Two

Hello there beautiful people - so if you recall I released my favs on IG last month.

Well, I just got back from Market and almost everything I liked was at High Point Market (the Furniture Capitol of the World).

So excited to share with you some of our favorites in the World of furniture AND accessories - things we are absolutely Lovin' for Fall 2023!!!

Check out the pics below - here's are list of things that are still HOT (this was the list before I went to Market)

  • Boucle

  • Exposed wood

  • Mixed Metals

  • Angled furniture

  • World Traveler vibes

  • Texture

  • Marble & Stone

  • Rounded corners & curves

  • For all you neutral color lovers - the Fall colors are so rich and warm - like chocolate brown, butterscotch, cognac, burnt tangerine and yes we're here for it all!

  • For all you cooler color lovers - its still greens and cool blues!

  • And after visiting Market this Fall, I'm adding in 3 more - 1. Brass 2. Alabaster and 3. Tambour

Which ones do you love the most?

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  • Write an answer

Before I went to Market...

What I found at Market...

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