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This ain't yo Grandma's wallpaper...

Updated: May 16, 2022

If you didn't notice in the last few years, wallpaper has made a come back and when something "comes back" it's always a little better than before. Remember seeing someone renovating a house on one of those Home Improvement shows and it takes the new homeowners days to remove the 3 layers of wallpaper left by the previous owners?

Well, today this ain't yo Grandma's wallpaper...

Yes, beautiful people - wallpaper has come a long way and it's BACK!

Our wallpaper installers are always busy, trying to schedule them can take up to a week or two. And it's not just the Residential applications, Commercial spaces are also reconsidering wallpaper instead of the "painted accent wall" alternative.

Check out this project and the transformation we accomplished using wallpaper below.

Before Photo

After Photo

This wallpaper by Graham Brown is a beautiful Art Deco pattern we installed for our clients in Chesterfield, VA in a Powder Room. The clients wanted a sophisticated elegant space with rich brass features, a marble countertop and a brand new vibe!!

After Photo

We totally took a "Builder's grade" bathroom and turned it into something special and our clients love the results.

If you're still not sure about the idea of adding wallpaper let me ask you a question?

Are you addicted to the hit series on Netflix, Bridgerton? It was released in 2020, it's a period piece set in the "Regency Era" around the 1800's , approximately 1813. If you haven't heard of it, I would be totally shocked. It's an extremely popular series that's in it's 2nd season.

This is a wallpaper similar to the ones you'll see in the Brighterton series by Brunschwig & Fils.

It's a beautiful combination of birds and thistle very traditional and calming. There's' subtle hints of a pale yellow and blue which you can easily pair with a modern chair or sofa. You don't have to stick with the same Styles in a room, blend styles by using similar colors or patterns or just add a pop of color in your main piece (see vignettes below).

The Interior Design, in addition to the costumes and writing are absolutely impeccable - even if the style isn't your vibe...You can certainly appreciate the effort it must have taken to recreate this in the 21st century.

In this series, wallpaper adorns the walls above the wainscoting, it's everywhere - there's dentil molding and crown molding and trim molding...everywhere and I mean everywhere but it's stunning. Maybe watching this series will help you if you have any fear of considering wallpaper in your own room(s).

This is dentil molding - An Architectural detail often seen in older homes and historic buildings. Seen everywhere in the Netflix series Bridgerton.

If you're considering wallpapering the room yourself, there are loads of YouTube videos that will teach you how...Designer's Tip: Be very careful with "grass-cloth" wallpaper when doing DIY projects, we leave this type of wallpaper for our professional installers. Grass-cloth is made with a natural fiber and when it gets wet (when you install it with a paste) it moves a lot and laying it in a straight format is not easy.

Here's a few vignettes with wallpaper...

This vignette was part of our Mood Concept for Spring 2022 - Modern meets Traditional emerald and sage green floral patterned wallpaper by Sanderson. It has just a touch of elegance without being overwhelming, it was featured on our IG page as a video in April.

The rooms are dripping with beautiful tapestries with silks and period furnishings, the ceiling in all the rooms are 11'-0" high or more. I read that there were over 7,000 costumes designed for this series, so I can only imagine the budget to create the Interiors - OMG!

There's always fresh cut flowers and beautiful finger foods and the artwork!!!

This vignette was part of our Mood Concept for Spring 2022 - Gray on grey Modern Glam floral metallic wallpaper by Shcumacher, meets a funky wall sconce, and was featured on our IG page as a video in April.

As an Interior Designer, I really appreciate the efforts it must have taken to re-create this Regency Era, it's so realistic! One of the Executive Producers, Shonda Rhimes was recently featured in #archdigest Architectural Digest Open Door series, discussing her desire to bring the same Regency Era style into her NYC apartment. She layered in beautiful wallpaper and architectural molding and pastel colors to really change her space. Check it out...

York Wallpaper - "Flowering Desert" - Traditional Style

This vignette was part of our Mood Concept for Spring 2022 - Navy Contemporary Modern geometrical wallpaper by Gallery Wallcoverings, it blends with the other touches of brass and has great movement. It was featured on our IG page as a video in April.

Which brings me to the topic of this Blog post - Wallpaper!!!

Within the last 5 to 6 years, wallpaper has really surged back into our lives. Which happens in the World of Interiors all the time. Additionally, there's different types of wallpaper as it pertains to the "application" of it - paste, non-paste and even peel n' stick. The options for pattern and textures are absolutely endless. Where to apply wallpaper is also trending to using not only on the walls but also on the ceiling. The concept of the exploring all these options really should be valid considerations when "creating the right Mood" for your room.

This vignette was part of our Mood Concept for Spring 2022 - Charcoal & Brass Glam blended vignette has cool surreal 3D floral wallpaper feels like the flowers are rising off the surface - it was featured on our IG page as a video in April. Wallpaper by Graham & Brown.

If you're doing a Modern vibe these days check out this wallpapr by Tempaper. I love this very organic pattern it's fun and whimsical!

Thereron Interiors Studio just posted on our IG page thereroncompany two videos that capture some really great wallpaper ideas for any Style.

This vignette was part of our Mood Concept for Spring 2022 - Black & Brass Modern Graffiti feeling wallpaper has such a Modern meets Glam vibe - it was featured on our IG page as a video in April. Wallpaper by MindtheGap.

May I suggest you order a sample of any wallpaper you are consider, place it on your wall with some painters tape and really take your time to consider it in your space.

It's a wonderful accent and often ties other pieces in your room together.

So, if you're thinking wallpaper is something older people have in their homes, think again!

Wallpaper is a wonderful alternative.

This vignette was part of our Mood Concept for Spring 2022 - Creamy Modern floral print wallpaper feels so calming in this vignette - it was featured on our IG page as a video in April. Wallpaper by Sandberg.

Instead of adding in a painted "accent wall", consider wallpaper! There are thousands of options available so take some time to explore what's out on the Market.

Potential locations for wallpaper:

  1. Powder Room

  2. Foyer

  3. Bedroom walls and ceiling

  4. Hallway

  5. Almost Anywhere? Possibly

If you decide to add wallpaper to your bathroom where there will be a high content of moisture, make sure the wallpaper is made for that specific application.

If you get stuck or need some advise please reach out to us or DM us on our IG page @thereroncompany.

Happy papering...



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