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Trends 2023 - Neutrals 001

Updated: May 8, 2023

A look at Modern, Global, Rustic & Handmade products trending in the Marketplace...

Over the last few months, we've started receiving notifications of new products from a variety of companies we absolutely love!

Here are a few of the products we have fallen in LOVE with in 2023. They all have their own simple sophistication, which speaks to our current environment of a desire for Quality vs. Quantity! And we've found a rich beauty in each one of these products...So excited about their releases into the World of Interiors.

One of our favorite local companies is a plant establishment called #Rewilddc - we love them, they have several locations in the #DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia regions). If you follow us you've seen a reel of us in one of their shops when we were out working with one of our Design clients, just a few weeks ago. The cactus plant is one of theirs, it's such a statement piece for any room and of course such an easy plant to grow for those folks who don't have a "green-thumb". They've got such a super helpful Team at Rewild, so if you're in the area please check them out...

Next on the list of products are these beautiful handmade baskets from Uganda, or this burl wood bowl in black from Canada, or a handmade thorn vase from Mexico...or even the oak coffee table that is made to order (no two will be the same), and did you notice the pedestal and mortar bowl made of raw wood, lava rock and marble. These are the pieces you can collect and will have for years to come (no mass production here). They're all made by hand which really is a trend that we're enjoying, and seeing more and more.

Oh my, AND the rugs...hands down, one of my favorite accents in a room but often overlooked for their importance in balancing your room/space.

And the NEW Outdoor furniture is not your Grandma's outdoor cast iron overly ornate chairs, just saying...


Now this is obviously great for someone, it's just not our Style.

Check out the new pieces from Four Hands Furniture, a gorgeous chaise lounge and a chair which could be sandwiched together to create an outdoor sectional!

Both by #fourhandsfurniture - Loving both of these!

And yes, it's time to start thinking about the #outdoors even though we've seen some very strange weather lately!

Now as it pertains to lighting, well, there's no lack of gorgeous pieces either - in fact, our emotions and responses have sounded something like this; nice! awww! wow! yessss! And yes, Brass fixtures are still here - they're being blended with subtle hints of black details as you can see with the wall sconces note in the PowerPoint above.

Again, yes folks Brass is still in!

Or check out the new rattan pendant light with a #boho vibes to evoke such a casual, relaxed era - these pieces come from (from Troy lighting, Corbett lighting and Hudson Valley Lighting group).

So, after reading this post you maybe thinking well - what if I don't like neutrals?

No stress, if you're not into it - a #neutralspaces that is, just stay tuned.

We'll be bringing you another post on Trends for 2023 - talking about COLOR!

That's right folks - next stop will be our Trends 2023 - Colors 002!

So please continue to like, follow and share!

Be well,



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