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Trends Trending or is it just a Style Era?

We don't really care for the word "trend" as a general statement, whenever we're discussing Styles that are, can we say, "likely to take center stage" over the next few years. We could just say that, but it's way to long - let's face it, calling something a "trend" just rolls of the tongue much easier! Right?

So any who, here's what we think is going on in the world of Interiors.

Our list of just a few furnishings and fixtures that we think represent 5 of the upcoming Styles that will likely be in the Marketplace for quite a few years.

We're calling these emerging Styles "Coming Trends" for 2024

Actually, none of them are new - you might just read about one of your favorites so let's get stated!

On the List:

  • Modern Organic or Organic - a style that's staying for a long time. This chair is a great mix of this style, it's a marriage of modern clean lines, exposed wood and a textured seat. This is lots of wood, including plywood and lighter stained woods, muted or neutral colors - similar to the Farmhouse look but more modern. White and black colors with fun touches of brass and matte black hardware, stone and marble and very little (if any) pattern. Well thought out lines, very little small details and even some concrete finishes are a signature for the Organic Modern style - and of course foliage, either real plants or faux plants - not a lot, just a touch!

  • Art Deco - made famous in the US in the 1920's and 1930's. Think of the Chrysler Building in New York, it was a nod to French decor with lots of glass, steel and even chrome. Think of an elaborate, luxury, glamour and fine textiles. Sculptures and rounded corners, moments of high end details like a light color veneered desk. Think of Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous Architect.

  • Brutalist or Brutalism - This movement/style came ashore in the 1950's, from another European influence that was part of the post - war era. A push to minimize the previously ornate buildings and interiors, it was fight against extreme details. With and focus on concrete walls, stone, steel and lots of muted colors. The shapes were clearly defined geometrical lines and shapes, lots of wood and glass, a real turn from the previous Art Deco movement.

  • European Style - It's a melting pot of English, Italian, French and Spanish influences. Their styles are easily found in our current influences since this country was mainly based on these countries. It's not easy to define but this wallpaper feels like its been copied from a wall in an old traditional English home.

  • New Traditional - Similar to the European look, we consider this to be a traditional style with morn modern colors and stains. Not the heavy cherry and walnut woods you would typically find from the 1940's and 1950's, but a fresher approach. Often this look has been altered to even look vintage.

  • Afro Modernism - This style has been gaining ground for over 8 or 10 years now. Lots of Senegalese baskets, and handmade bowls from Ghana, or rugs from Morocco or even those beautiful African mud-cloths being made into pillows. Lots of neutral palettes but also pops of vibrant colors, colors you would see on the shores of so many countries in Africa. Linens and hand printed fabrics with fun juju hats and colors of indigo represent this style but with modern lines.

  • Glam - This style should be called "New Glam", it's really a spin off of the Hollywood Glamour style with a new found sophisticated vibe. Lucite legs, gold details, fluted upholstery pieces and luxe faux fur throws and clean high end looking accessories. Greek key trim on drapery with sophisticated velvets - white enamel accents. A regency period in our history that was a blend of animal print and opulent fabrics! And the most noted detail is the black and white checkered floors!

So their you have it...not really a Trend but certainly a Look. A look at what we see as #interiordesignstyles that will continue well into 2024 and beyond!

Thanks for joining us

Happy designing beautiful people!

Mimi Fall

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