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Mimi Fall, Head Designer/Founder


"Interior Design takes time, it's not meant to be a marathon,

but more like a long walk in the park"...



​​My personal journey began in Oakland, CA,

where I was born and raised by my Mother.

As a young student who enjoyed Art and Architecture, I also loved libraries,

nature and hanging out with my Mom at

local flea markets and thrift stores.

I grew to love vintage and found pieces,

and why up-cycling good quality pieces was so important.

Then as a graduate of Tuskegee University,

with a degree in Architecture,

moved to the Washington, DC area.

I married, had 3 children, bought an older home and

learned to decorate on a budget.

This is what pushed me to fall in love with the

creativity of Interior Design.  

And although Architecture is similar to Interiors,

the first step was for more education. And so I enrolled in an accelerated course in Interior Design,

earning a ID certificate.

I began using the name "Mimi",

which is not my given name (which is Sharon) it seemed easier for my clients to remember.

And now the next step, was to work for a few furniture stores to

sharpen my skills even more. This was an important step for me to learn

as much as possible about the World of Furniture and Design Styles.

And then in 2021, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic,

I left the Corporate World,

launching my business full time in Interior Design.

And opened our Design Studio in Oakton, VA

(close to Washington, DC). 

Now my journey, which took me thru so many

different experiences could be put to use.

My skills in design, architecture and project management

would now be used to

help clients with their projects -

taking them from design concept to project completion.

We'll use items you already own as much as possible.

And work to get the job done on budget and on schedule!

We know what it's like to have a busy lifestyle and

a strong desire that your space reflects

who you are & who you have become...

Our Design Style

"We love layering and blending found global objects with new pieces -

our belief is that it helps the space feel balanced".


Mimi Fall
Our Partners

We value you our partnerships with a wide variety of contractors. They help us create the spaces you will enjoy for years to come. We couldn't do this type of work without them!

Creating the right Mood for any room is what we do.

Client Comments

“Had a pleasure with working with Mimi and she was able to create a 3D Floor plan and visuals for my downstairs renovation. I hope to continue working with her in the future after Covid-19 dies down.” 

Ash M.

“Working with Mimi was amazing. She walked me through the entire process, really listened to my wants and needs and put together a comprehensive plan that fit my budget. She’s a life saver and now I have a beautiful, well decorated, mature space!"

Jovanni M.

"From start to finish Mimi has been very professional through it all. She was in tune on the vision I had for how I would like my pace to look. If you are looking for a GREAT Interior Designer, I suggest you give her a call now. It’s Either that or settle for less.” 

Eric M.

“We have been thoroughly impressed with Thereron Interiors thus far. Looking forward to completion of our first projects as we have many more projects to come with Thereron Interiors.” 

Keisha M.

“Mimi did a great job putting together a plan for my bedroom and was happy to work with me of the changes I wanted. On install day she worked to create a great new layout for the room and I’m very happy with how it turned out. Definitely recommend them.” 

Daniel M.

“I am incredibly pleased with my experience with Thereron Interiors. I appreciated Mimi’s approach - not pushy but not passive. I can’t believe we were able to make decisions in our first meeting. I ABSOLUTELY plan on hiring Thereron Interiors again for other projects and I will recommend them to anyone who asks.”

Barry M.

"Mimi has an amazing eye for space and the proper use of it. She has been able to figure out my style and color options when I was not sure myself. Amazing Designer!"

Kathryn M.

“Mimi really helped me hone both the design and the budget for styling my new home. Mimi is worth every penny (and more)!"

Clarence M.

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