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"Our goal is to provide you with great Design whether local or far away"...

Are you Wondering how all of this works?
Well, we're glad you asked

Here are
the 5 Steps:

Step One: We'll start with the Concept, the Vision and then present these visions to you using 
  visual aids: hand sketches, 3D perspective drawings, floor plans and layouts.

Step Two: Next comes the comprehensive plan, with our forecast of the timeline and the approved budget. Then we'll partner with contractors, sub-contractors and tradespeople to implement the Concept.
Step Three: Then we'll begin the ordering process.
Step Four: Now comes implementation for everything we've designed and selected for you.
We will not only style the space but whenever possible we'll search for curated and found treasures.

Step Five: Then come on in and enjoy your New surroundings -
The "Concept has been Completed".


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