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5 Essential Things You Should Never Skimp on for Your Home

I know, you're probably tired of people telling you what to do and what to like when it comes to your personal style. I completely understand that. So, many American Home Owners now days are staying put due to the high interest rates in the marketplace. They've decided to just update their Homes but they struggle with what to update if they don't want to tackle the Kitchen or Bathroom renovations.

Well, we've decided to help and jump in the conversation with this short list too!

Let's just pretend, this is a private consultation just between you and I.

I'm strongly suggesting you consider these 5 items our Favs, and if you're planning to stay in your home for awhile maybe you try ALL of them?

My Mother, used to have a Home Improvement project every year that she budgeted for, like window replacement, or a roof update or replacing the "wall to wall carpet", that's such a smart thing to consider.

Let's get started

What should you spend your money? Well, this list ain't the "renovate your Kitchen" chat, that's obvious if your Home is over 25 years old or the tear out your bathroom and bring it into the 21st century!

You already know that - this is the what else can be valuable when updating your home?

How doe you get the best ROI - right?

Here are a few updates you should do, whether you're considering selling or not.

I'm suggesting that you not skimp on them.

Seriously consider what we call your "structural pieces" , pieces that will remain in the home for years to come!

Okay, I can hear you all saying, what "structural pieces" are you talking about Mimi? Well, we define them as any piece that will remain when you sell your home.

There are many, I know but we've choosen our favorite 5 to get you started!

1. Good Quality Paint -

This paint is so good, in my opinion you won't have to worry about painting again for another 7-10 years - unless of course you just want to change the color! I am a celebrated "Paint Snob" who typically only specifies this paint company. I've been using it for over 9 years and haven't had any complaints yet.

This is not a paid advertisement - Pictures by Benjamin Moore Paints - Aura is my personal fav

2. Statement Lighting - There should be at least one "wow" fixture in your home, maybe the light for you Dining Room. All the fixtures in your public spaces, like the Family Room, Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Room (if you have one) should "speak to each other".

It doesn't have to be over the top but it should look intentional, well thought out and cohesive.

Below is the Talia 20" Flush Mount by Julie Neil

is a stunning addition to any room, and well worth the coins you will spend on it...

It would work in so many different styled rooms - from Glam, to Modern, Traditional or even a Transitional Home - and I love the gold finish.

This fixture just says "wow" to me, and is a part of an entire Collection that you should check out.

Artisanal glass on the globes will cause the light to shimmer as a beautiful whimsical statement in your room. A range of sizes and configurations will enhance an entryway, or even a bedroom adding in a playful, feminine touch.

This is not a paid advertisement - Picture by Visual Comfort Lighting -

3. Flooring - In case, you've missed the hottest trend in the World of Flooring, over the last 6 + years, it's called LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) or LPT (Luxury Vinyl Plank Tile) -an extremely durable product, that has saved buyers thousands of dollars. What are the benefits to having these in your home, well I'm so glad you ask? Well to start, it's less expensive that a solid wood floors, they're relatively easy to install, more durable, kid proof sometimes even pet proof, often scratch resistant and lately we've noticed that some of the Manufacturers are saying it's even suitable for Bathroom applications.

So, check out some LVT at your local box store or online, please make sure you order a sample and read thru the specifications - not all LVT is created equally. Actually, there's a lot of cheap crap out there! Remember most of these are not products that can be later stained and refinished, so if you've got the money to spend on "real wood' floors do it! There's plenty of new products in the market to choose from if the LVT idea ain't working for you.

But if you decide to here's the link:

4. Cabinet Hardware - Okay, so you don't want to spend the money on buying all new cabinets for your Kitchen and or Bathrooms. Well, consider painting them and adding new hardware. It's an inexpensive way to update your look without breaking the bank! And please, please make sure your appliances all match or closely match. A white refrigerator and a black stove with a stainless steel dishwasher is a "hard NO".

And for the next question, I can hear it coming - Mimi can you mix metals? Yes, you can but that's a blog post for another day! But yes, you can and you should mix your metals.

Here's one of our current favorites:

We've used this Bronze Retro pull before in a bathroom in Bowie, MD, it's lovely and not over the top with this bronze finish. Super great for those of you that like brass but you don't like the shiny kind! Lol

5. Add an Architectural Feature - And next you're going to say, okay Mimi but which one?

Well, select the one that ties into the style of your Home, I know that's a hard one...I wish I could answer that question for all of you but I don't know what would work without seeing your space.

I can tell you the "go to" for a lot of homes for a while now has been "floating shelves". They're relatively inexpensive, easy to install and can really add a focal point to any room. Whether they're in a Kitchen (which some people dislike seeing all the stuff, I get it - especially if you struggle with organization), maybe in a bathroom or in a living room. It does add some character to your room!

Photo by Canva - Contributor Corelens - This is not a Paid Advertisement.

Again, this is just one of many Architectural Features, which one will work best for you and your home? That's hard to say -so may I suggest you do a little bit of homework and research other optional Architectural features?

Like a Tudor ceiling or exposed beams or an archway or even a recessed fireplace?

There are some many, pick the best one for your Home and just go for it!

And please hire a professional, most of these are NOT DIY projects - just saying...Thanks for reading along

I hope this at lease has inspired you to think about the "5 Favs"...



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