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Color Palettes by Nature

Updated: May 8, 2023

Color is always a very large part of my conversation whenever I'm working with my clients and potential clients. My standard response is typically, "what colors do you want to see in your room everyday?".

There are millions of combinations of color palettes so it's helpful if you know what colors you prefer or at least which colors you don't like.

I often look to Nature as an inspiration, I find so many beautiful options just by looking at our exterior environments.

Recently, I decided to put Color Palettes together and show them on IG, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok, and thought this would be a great Post for us.

The paint colors are all by Benjamin Moore Paints #benjaminmoore #benjaminmoorepaints, one of my favorite paint companies to use for Residential Design.

Here are a few:

We start talking about color with our potential clients way before we even discuss their timeline or budget, it's a great way to get us all thinking about the Mood we are creating and what role color will bring to their space. Our Style Questionnaire is a must for any potential client to figure out what colors they like and also, as important is the colors they don't like.

Our Style Questionnaire specifically asks any potential client to "circle" the colors they like and dislike. This is such a helpful tool for us! We refer back to our Style Questionnaire through out the interviewing/preliminary process until we create the "right color palette" for each room.

The color journey/palette then drives important decisions as we begin to pull the room together.

You know the old saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", well have another saying that I created, "find beauty wherever beauty finds you", Mimi Fall. In other words, look for beauty everywhere and define it for yourself. Nature happens to be a great place to look for beauty, the color palettes are already there for you to use...

Create the colors in your space that work for you and don't worry if no one else likes them!



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